I’m Andreina

Ruly Muse is the digital journal where I share my love for Fashion Illustration, lifestyle and Photography.

Here you can shop your favorite illustrations and photography all done by me with love.


I am based in New York, I have a BFA degree in Fashion Design and currently freelancing.

Ruly Muse is the digital journal where I share my love for fashion illustration and photography. It’s my favorite hobby after work.

I love using different techniques to create my illustrations including;

Markers- was the first medium I used

Watercolor- was the second medium I learned when I was in school

Color Pencil | Pencil Drawing- I incorporate this to both markers and watercolor

Eyeshadow- can sound a little weird but it’s very fun to work with, you should try it too.

Ipad- I also love using my iPad to make digital illustrations, and you can find pencil, markers and watercolor brushes all mixed in one illustration.

Here you can buy my digital illustrations

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